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S+® for ArcView GIS

S+ for ArcView GIS 3.2 is a powerful extension to ESRI's ArcView GIS software. With S+for ArcView GIS, you have easy access to comprehensive, modern statistics & graphics for use with your GIS & spatial data.

S+ is the choice of leading professionals at major organizations because it combines leading-edge statistical functionality with the ability to create stunning publication-quality graphics. S+ for ArcView GIS integrates the powerful statistics and publication-quality graphics of S+ into ArcView GIS

S+ for ArcView GIS Example

In addition to standard S+ statistics, S+ for ArcView GIS allows you to access spatial statistics available in S+SpatialStats. The powerful statistical functionality and publication-quality graphics available in S+ can significantly enhance the analysis of your GIS data.

S-PLUS for ArcView GIS Image 1 - Click to enlarge

S-PLUS for ArcView GIS Image 2 - Click to enlarge



S+SpatialStats: analysis of spatial data

S+EnvironmentalStats: environmental statistics

S+Wavelets: wavelet and signal series analysis