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What's New in S+ 8.2/8.1

S+« is the only statistical programming platform that delivers a fully integrated development environment, a commercially supported analytic packaging system & the ability to scale a desktop to manipulate gigabyte size data sets. S+ enables statisticians & business analysts to prototype, test & deploy analytics much faster than with alternative statistical modelling environments.  S+ delivers a wider range of robust statistics tools, as well as improved deployment & integration capabilities that help business analysts/researchers make informed & reliable decisions at critical points across the organisation.


Develop, Scale & Deploy your analyses more easily:
S+ 8.2 is focused on helping our customers scale their analyses to solve larger analytic problems, share & deploy their analyses more easily & provide many quality & usability enhancements requested by our users.

  • Support for Windows 64-bit platforms: S+ now supports 64-bit versions of Windows Vista & Windows 7, taking advantage of the latest hardware to quickly perform large analyses entirely in memory. 64-bit support also improves the performance of very large analyses (S+ Big Data Library) by enabling larger chunks of data to be handled in each pass through the data.
  • Much faster matrix operations for higher overall performance: When run on 64-bit Windows/Linux platforms, matrix operations which underlie many common statistical methods are much faster in S+ 8.2 than in previous versions—up to 40x faster based on initial customer feedback.  
  • Optimize use of cluster resources: New Statistics Services view in the S+ Workbench provides a way of monitor the allocation & status of your S+ analytic jobs run through Statistics Services. This helps utilize the resources of your cluster or grid as efficiently as possible.
  • New Statistics Services View in S+ Workbench: S+ 8.1 introduced the ability to submit computationally-intensive scripts to a server. This release provides the ability to track & manage those jobs directly from within the S+ Workbench. The new Statistics Services View also lets you deploy packages and data files easily and securely to a server from the S+ Workbench. 
  • Enhanced Spotfire Integration: Continuing our focus on combining the statistical power of S+ and R with the interactive visualization and application deployment capabilities of the TIBCO Spotfire, this release enables you to read and write Spotfire binary and text files directly, helping to preserve important metadata when moving between the applications. 
  • Updated S+ Workbench: The S+ Workbench, our modern Eclipse-based Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for developing and debugging S+ code, has been updated to the latest version of the Eclipse framework to provide a seamless user experience between multiple platforms (Unix, Linux, 32-bit/ 64-bit versions of Windows)
  • Quality and Usability Enhancements: Based on many customer requests, this release provides numerous improvements, including data access enhancements (such as the ability to import from specific sheets in an Excel workbook), improved consistency of colours & shapes between graphics devices, and updated Connect/C++ examples for use with Visual Studio 2008.
  • S+ now supports Windows 7
  • Enhanced R Compatibility: New functions (& new arguments to existing functions) to improve compatibility with R, making it easier to migrate packages from R to S+ and simplifying writing scripts compatible with both S+ and R.


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FlexBayes Package provides tools for modeling data using the Bayesian paradigm for statistical inference. Bayesian modeling can create more realistic models, provide a natural way to address missing data & take advantage of prior information when doing analysis. It can be used to create better clinical trial designs, improve portfolio management & enhance many other applications with inbuilt examples of Bayesian response-adaptive clinical trial design, safety data analysis and hierarchical generalized linear models
Association Rules help uncover relationships between variables in large data sets, most commonly to detect purchase patterns (Market Basket Analysis)but also in many other areas, such as analysing web site usage. (Big Data library)
Resample Package offers a variety of resampling techniques, such as bootstrap & permutation tests, which enable the use of standard statistics on smaller data sets, provide more flexible modelling options & offer graphical & numerical diagnostics for standard statistical assumptions. Resample includes bootstrap tilting which provides very accurate intervals & requires fewer samples than other methods.
Wavelets Package provides advanced signal and image analysis, time series analysis, statistical signal estimation, and data compression analysis. Formerly sold as a separate module, Wavelets is now included in S+.


SpatialStats Package enables the exploration and modeling of spatially correlated data, useful in many areas such as environmental sciences, mining and petroleum engineering, natural resources management, geography, epidemiology, and demographics. Formerly sold as a separate module, SpatialStats is now included in S+.
EnvironmentalStats Package available for Windows, provides a set of powerful functions for performing graphical and statistical analyses of environmental data. It’s useful for anyone who has to make sense of environmental data, including hydrologists, soil scientists, atmospheric scientists, geochemists, environmental engineers & consultants, hazardous & solid waste site managers, regulatory agency analysts and enforcement officers. Formerly sold as a separate module, EnvironmentalStats is now included in S+.


Remote Script Execution -Scripts written in S+ 8.1 can be sent to Statistics Services for execution using an interface in the Workbench or directly using S+ functions. This enables you to offload computationally intensive scripts to a server & to analyse data which cannot be downloaded off a server.
Data Access Enhancements -  importing & exporting data via JDBC, opens up many new sources of data which can be analysed. It also includes many other improvements to data access, including the ability to import/export data for Excel 2007.
RTF Reporting - rtftools package enables the creation of highly-formatted reports containing S+ tables and graphics for viewing in Microsoft Word.
Package System Enhancements including a menu item for downloading & updating packages as well as support for exporting & creating user interfaces for packages.

And Much More...S+ also includes many quality enhancements, performance improvements for large data handling, usability enhancements for the S+ Workbench & increased compatibility with R, making it even easier to create packages which can be run in both R/S+