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Bayesian sample size: Calculate sample sizes based on highest posterior density intervals for normal means; to calculate average coverage probabilities when finding sample sizes for estimating a binomial proportion in the presence of misclassification errors and to calculate sample sizes based on highest posterior density intervals by Lawrence Joseph.

bicreg: Functions for Bayesian Model Averaging, Bayesian generalized linear modeling, and more. Adrian Raftery.

BMA: A collection of programs that perform Bayesian simultaneous variable selection & outlier identification. Jennifer Hoeting.

bootlib: A library of functions & data to accompany the book Bootstrap Methods and Their Application. Angelo Canty.

csan.insightful.com. S+ user community packages. Any questions about software referenced below should be directed to the respective author.

design: Functions for biostatistical/epidemiologic modeling, testing, estimation, validation, graphics, prediction, and typesetting. (This library is included in recent versions of S-PLUS for Windows.) Frank Harrell.

Diagnostic testing: S+ programs to calculate Bayesian posterior distributions using various methods. Lawrence Joseph.

DSE: A library of software for studying multivariate time series analysis techniques and forecasting models. Paul Gilbert.

econ472: econometric functions, including Johansen's cointegration test, Dyckey-Fuller test, Granger causality test and Zellner's Seemingly unrelated regressions estimator. Roger Koenker.

gamterms and plotterms: Return the individual terms of a gam object, along with the standard errors, in a way that is useful for plotting by Dirk Larson and Terry Therneau.

hmisc: Many functions useful for data analysis, high-level graphics, utility operations, functions for computing sample size & power, translating SAS datasets into S, imputing missing values, advanced table making, variable clustering, character string manipulation, conversion of S objects to LaTeX code, recoding variables & bootstrap repeated measures analysis. (This library is included in recent versions of S-PLUS for Windows.) Frank Harrell.

itsim: S functions for inference from iterative simulation. Andrew Gelman.

jitplot: Jitters y-values systematically and plots them against x-values (categorical) by Beth Atkinson and Terry Therneau

MASS: Software & datasets associated with the book Modern Applied Statistics in S-PLUS. (This library is included in recent versions of S-PLUS for Windows.) W. N. Venables and B.D. Ripley.

mlowess: Same as lowess(), except that it allows for missing values by Terry Therneau.

mmler: An S-PLUS library for mixed-mode latent class regression which can handle both longitudinal and one-time responses. Steve Buyske.

NLME: Software for mixed-effects models. (This package is included in recent versions of S-PLUS.) José C. Pinheiro and Douglas M. Bates

NORM, CAT, MIX and PAN: Functions for multiple imputation. Joe Schafer.

outpack: Calibrated outlier detection package. Vince Carey.

quantreg: Software for Quantile Regression. Roger Koenker.

reldist: Software to implement relative distribution methods, to accompany the book Relative Distribution Methods in the Social Sciences. Mark S. Handcock and Martina Morris.

roc: Calculate plots associated with Sensitivity and Specificity, along with pairwise comparisons of the area under the curve by Doug Mahoney and Beth Atkinson.

rpart: Recursive partitioning - an alternative to 'tree' by Terry Therneau and Beth Atkinson.

sm: Software to accompany the book Applied Smoothing Techniques for Data Analysis: the Kernel Approach with S-PLUS Illustrations. A. Bowman and A. Azzalini.

sn: Functions for handling skew-Normal distributions. Adelchi Azzalini.

Splancs: Spatial Point-Pattern Analysis code in S-PLUS. Barry Rowlingson.

SPLIDA: Functions related to the book Statistical Methods for Reliability Data. William Meeker.

StatMod: Statistical Modelling Library for S+ by Gordon Smyth.

survival analysis functions in R/S by Terry Therneau

TS PADI: Time Series Protocol for Application - Database Interface; includes an S client. Paul Gilbert.

waldtest: Calculates the Wald test for a contrast matrix C for coefficients from a Cox model by Terry Therneau.

wavethresh: A software package for performing statistics based on wavelet techniques. Guy Nason.