Statistica Analyst – Concurrent User

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TIBCO Statistica Analyst allows users to execute ad-hoc analytics with scientific graphs and plots. In addition, use the code-free, drag-and-drop workspace to create analytic workflows. Users can also create code nodes in Spark, Python, C#, R, or Visual Basic. Contains: OSIsoft PI connector, analysis of research designs with both fixed and random effects, descriptive statistics, forecasting, regression, exploratory data analysis, quality control, multivariate statistical process control (SPC), design of experiments (DOE), business rules engine and PMML code deployment.

  • Calculators;¬†Distributions, Pearson Product Moment Correlation Coefficient, Six Sigma
  • Canonical Analysis
  • Classification Trees
  • Cluster Analysis
  • Correlation
  • Correspondence Analysis
  • Cox Proportional Hazards Models
  • Descriptive Statistics
  • Design of Experiments (DOE)
  • Discriminant Function Analysis
  • Distribution Fitting
  • Distributions & Simulation
  • Dynamic Time Warping
  • Extract, Transform, and Load¬†(analytics are used to align time based data)
  • Factor Analysis
  • Fixed Nonlinear Regression
  • General Discriminant Analysis (GDA)
  • General Linear Models (GLM)
  • General Partial Least Squares Models (PLS)
  • General Regression Models (GRM)
  • Generalized Linear/Nonlinear Models (GLZ)
  • Log-Linear Analysis of Frequency Tables
  • Multiple Regression
  • Multidimensional Scaling (MDS)
  • Nonlinear Estimation
  • Nonparametric Statistics
  • Power Analysis and Interval Estimation
  • Multivariate Statistical Process Control (MSPC – PCA / PLS)
  • Principal Components & Classification Analysis (PCCA)
  • Process Analysis
  • Quality Control Charts
  • Reliability and Item Analysis
  • Stepwise Model Builder (what-if)
  • Structural Equation Modeling and Path Analysis (SEPATH)
  • Survival & Failure Time Analysis
  • Time series / forecasting
  • t-tests and other tests of group differences
  • Tabulate
  • Variance Components & Mixed Model ANOVA/ANCOVA
  • Variance Estimation and Precision (VEPAC)

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