TERR Production – Single Processor

$9,800.00$33,800.00 excludes Tax


Per processor: If TERR is to be integrated with other TIBCO Licensor Software that is licensed on a per processor basis, then the number of Processors licensed for TERR must match the number of Processors running the TIBCO Licensor Software with which TERR will be integrated. This license type may also be most appropriate for TERR deployment on a Hadoop cluster.

TIBCO® Enterprise Runtime for R enables users to integrate and deploy advanced analytics written in the R language into their applications (such as CEP systems, their own custom applications, Hadoop clusters, grid management systems, etc.) using an enterprise-quality R-compatible runtime environment: the TIBCO Enterprise Runtime for R (TERR) engine. Using TERR, the TERR engine can be directly integrated into custom applications using low-level APIs or via batch calls, or using interfaces added to products such as TIBCO Streambase and TIBCO Business Events.

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