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Spotfire Analyst/Desktop

Analyst requires Spotfire Server to publish online. Desktop - analyse without publishing.

Empower colleagues to ask & answer their own questions - from anywhere. TIBCO Spotfire Analyst makes it easy to build & deploy reusable analytic applications over the web or perform ad-hoc analytics, driven on-the-fly by your own knowledge, intuition & desire to answer the next question. Spotfire analytics does all this by letting you interactively query, visualise, aggregate, filter & drill into datasets of virtually any size. Ultimately you will reach faster insights with Spotfire & bring clarity to business issues or opportunities in a way that gets all the decision-makers on the same page quickly.

To create web-based Spotfire analytic applications, users of Spotfire Analyst simply save their work on the Spotfire Server. There is no separate publishing step and no need for IT programming. Spotfire Consumer analysts only need a compatible browser – no plug-ins or installers to run, as it is a true zero-footprint client.

Pricing?  Please call +61 2 9233 6888 or email

What's New in Spotfire 7.7 (PDF)

Spotfire Recommendations will automatically suggest visualisations from your data! With a single click see how your data looks in different visualistations and choose the most impactful representation.

Spotfire Desktop lets you quickly mashup multiple datasets into a single, visual experience.Data to dashboards in minutes

Mark interesting moments or filter out distractions with Spotfire Desktop and see patterns emerge from your data.

Spotfire bookmarks allow you to capture moments along your data journey. Use bookmarks to retrace steps or export them to eloquently communicate a complex idea.

Tell a story with data: CCreate a guided experience through your data. Add descriptions, images, and step-by-step navigation that bring it to life.


Superior In-Memory Analysis

Big Data and In-Memory Analytics Together

  • Mashup huge data sets in-memory to instantly spot actionable insights
  • Freely explore Big Data to discover patterns, uncover trends, and detect risks and opportunities

In-Database Analysis

Analysis of Powerful Data Warehouses

  • Harness the power & intelligence of external analytic engines, such as Teradata, Oracle, and Microsoft SQL Server
  • Visualize & analyse data where it resides
  • Simultaneously visualize & explore data in-memory and in-database

Enterprise-ready R

TIBCO Enterprise Runtime for R

  • Brings stability, scalability, ease-of-enterprise deployment to the R language
  • Quickly move from prototyping to production without re-implementation
  • Embedded in Spotfire & available for custom applications & OEM

Elastic Architecture

Enterprise-class Scalability

  • Integration with TIBCO SilverFabric
  • Automatically scale Spotfire Consumer Servers up and down, in response to simultaneous business users
  • Intelligent load-balancing optimizes resources

Key Features

  • Richly interactive analytic interface for accessing & manipulating data, composing analyses, and publishing to web users 
  • Configured around the data you load in to freely explore and visualize; no need to model or pre-conditioning the data, and no need to worry about “dimensions” or “measures” 
  • Analyse multiple different datasets in one application 
  • Roll-up and aggregate values on the fly or filter-down or drill into the smallest details of interest 
  • Link back to a data source to access up-to-the-moment data from an immense variety of relational and enterprise data stores 
  • Elegant and configurable visuals: Bar chart, Map chart, Line chart, Pie chart, Scatter plot, Combination Bar/Line chart, Cross Table, 3D Scatter Plot, Treemap, Heat Map, Parallel Coordinates plot
  • Add-on focused analytic toolkits for network analytics, microarray analysis, chemistry research, and more 
  • With S+, Miner, R, Matlab & SAS, Spotfire Analyst users can apply powerful quantitative methods & statistical tools to add additional rigor to an analysis. By compiling these functions into Guided Analytic applications, more analytically sophisticated users & analysts are able to configure and deliver workflows that are visually intuitive and easily interpretable to much broader audiences. (Statistics Services add-on)
  • Export your findings directly to Microsoft PowerPoint® or richly formatted HTML 
  • A deep, well-documented API makes it easy to extend Spotfire to address your custom needs for data access, web service integration, custom visualization, and much more
  • Distribute analyses to colleagues using TIBCO Spotfire Consumer. Easily publish work to anyone with a browser.

Demo Gallery | System Requirements | View Spotfire Product Tour

Spotfire 4.5 enhancements:

Discover actionable insights hidden in Big Data & Extreme Information

  • Access, visualize & mashup Big Data, using a new connector to Hadoop, with data from enterprise applications such as SalesForce.com, Oracle, SAP, and others
  • Combine a “Google-like” search-based exploration model with a visualization-based approach to data discovery using Attivio’s Active Intelligence Engine™ (AIE™)

Deliver powerful, predictive analytics across the enterprise

  • Anticipate business events using an expanded library of pre-packaged predictive models directly from core Spotfire platform
  • Access the SAS and MATLAB® statistical engines
    directly from Spotfire without scripting (in addition to S+ & R)

Create branded mobile apps quickly and easily

  • Speed time to market by quickly deploying branded mobile apps to Apple iPad
  • Customise mobile apps without coding/publish to Apple App Store

Monitor and control the Spotfire platform with greater efficiency

  • Gain comprehensive real-time systems monitoring & greater control across multiple Spotfire Servers & Consumers
  • Simplified installation, management & upgrade of Spotfire Server

Contextual, Social Collaboration (V4.0)

  • Interact with analyses in social media platforms, business processes & existing portals
  • Leverage your collective intelligence, using tibbr, Sharepoint, iPad, etc & rapidly drive collaboration, insight, alignment & action

Analytic Dashboards for Everyone (V4.0)

  • Empower users to instantly focus on vital information & take fast & informed action. Analytic dashboards speed decision making by providing key metrics at a glance, while enabling quick drill down capability. Gain instant insight into KPI’s and detect trends early through powerful interactive features such as dynamic values, sparklines, and conditional icon

Spotfire Version 3.3 enhancements - PDF

  • Collaborative bookmarks - enables users to capture all dashboard elements (markings, drop down selections, etc) and then share them with a single click so others can see in an instant a precise moment of insight.
  • Free native iPad application - Publish once; use anywhere (desktop, browser, or mobile). Download the iPad app here.
  • Multiple visual enhancements - include the horizontal bar chart, cross table customisations, time series & missing values compensation, improved labeling, hollow markers etc
  • Smart mappings of data sources: Information Services enables administrators and power users to automatically generate 1-to-1 mappings of existing tables & columns in Data Sources. This time saving improvement further encourages a self-service approach throughout the general user population, which will be better able to enjoy these quickly created mappings as preconfigured queries, for example.

System Requirements

TIBCO Spotfire Analyst 7.5.x System Requirements

Minimum: 2 GHz, 2-Cores
Recommended:4 Cores or more (Intel Core i5 or equivalent), 2+ GHz, 64-bit

RAM Minimum: 4 GB
Recommended: 8 GB or greater

Large datasets can require more RAM.

Hard disk space 10 GB of free space for installation and normal use.
Display Recommended: 1366*768 pixel resolution or higher, 16 or 32-bit color depth. Minimum: 1024x768 pixel resolution, 16 or 32-bit color depth.

For functionality that require hardware acceleration (such as the 3D plot), DirectX 9 or higher and a compatible graphics card is required.

Operating System Microsoft Windows 10, 8, 8.1, 7

NOTE: NOTE: While both 32- and 64-bit Operating Systems are supported, 64-bit is strongly recommended. Running TIBCO Spotfire Analyst on a 32-bit Operating System (or in 32-bit mode) is only suitable when using in-Database analytics or with small data sets. From version 6.0, TIBCO Spotfire Analyst is only optimized for use with 64-bit systems..

TIBCO Spotfire Software Connection to a TIBCO Spotfire Server 7.5.x, with a TIBCO Spotfire 7.5.x deployment, for software deployment and licensing.
TIBCO Spotfire (for Upgrades) Existing TIBCO Spotfire (Client) installations of version 3.3.x or higher can be upgraded to version 7.0.x by connecting to a TIBCO Spotfire Server 7.5.x, with a TIBCO Spotfire 7.5.x deployment
Installation Permissions Administrator rights are not required to install TIBCO Spotfire
Web Browser Microsoft Internet Explorer 10, 11
Microsoft .NET Framework TIBCO Spotfire supports Microsoft .NET Framework version 4.5, 4.6 and requires that Microsoft .NET Framework be installed prior to installing TIBCO Spotfire.

If Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5 isn't installed when running the TIBCO Spotfire Client 7.5.x installer, the installer can (if the users accepts this when prompted) download and install it. No such option is available when upgrading older, existing TIBCO Spotfire installations by connecting to a TIBCO Spotfire Server with a TIBCO Spotfire 7.5.x deployment though - in this case, Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5 must be installed before upgrading.

NOTE: Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5.2 (or higher) is strongly recommended, as defects in older .NET Framework 4.5.x versions have been confirmed to cause stability issues.

NOTE: Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5 works side by side with older Framework (3.5 and earlier) versions, but performs an in-place update for .NET Framework 4.

NOTE: Microsoft .NET Framework requires Administrator rights to complete installation.

Click here to download Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5.2

Transport Layer Security Microsoft OfficeTLS 1.1 or higher. NOTE: Only required if connecting to the TIBCO Spotfire Server over HTTPS NOTE: TLS 1.1 (and/or higher versions) can be enabled in the Internet Explorer > Internet Options > Advanced tab > Security section.
Microsoft Office (Optional) Microsoft Office 365
Microsoft Office 2013, 32- and 64-bit versions
Microsoft Office 2010, 32- and 64-bit versions
Microsoft Office 2007

NOTE: Microsoft Office needs to be installed in order to use Spotfire functionality that integrates with Office products (such as importing data from Excel or Access, or exporting to Powerpoint)

NOTE: It is possible to import data from Microsoft Access databases into TIBCO Spotfire. For 64-bit Operating Systems, please note that Microsoft didn't introduce 64-bit drivers until Microsoft Office 2010.

Connectors (Optional) The following are the supported (Data) Connectors:
TIBCO Spotfire Connector for Amazon Redshift 4.5
TIBCO Spotfire Connector for Apache Spark SQL 4.5
TIBCO Spotfire Connector for Cloudera Hive 4.5
TIBCO Spotfire Connector for Cloudera Impala 4.5
TIBCO Spotfire Connector for Composite Information Server 4.5
TIBCO Spotfire Connector for Hortonworks 4.5
TIBCO Spotfire Connector for HP Vertica 4.5
TIBCO Spotfire Connector for IBM DB2 4.0
TIBCO Spotfire Connector for IBM Netezza 4.5
TIBCO Spotfire Connector for Microsoft SQL Server 4.5
TIBCO Spotfire Connector for Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services 4.5
TIBCO Spotfire Connector for OData 4.5
TIBCO Spotfire Connector for Oracle 4.5
TIBCO Spotfire Connector for Oracle Essbase 4.5
TIBCO Spotfire Connector for Oracle MySQL 4.5
TIBCO Spotfire Connector for Pivotal Greenplum 4.5
TIBCO Spotfire Connector for Pivotal HAWQ 4.5
TIBCO Spotfire Connector for PostgreSQL 4.5
TIBCO Spotfire Connector for Salesforce.com 4.5
TIBCO Spotfire Connector for SAP HANA 4.5
TIBCO Spotfire Connector for SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse 4.5
TIBCO Spotfire Connector for Teradata 4.5
TIBCO Spotfire Connector for Teradata Aster 4.5
Connector System requirements can be found here.
Importing SAS data files (Optional) SAS Providers for OLE DB 9.22 or higher

It is possible to import SAS data files (*.sas7bdat, *.sd2, *.sd7) into TIBCO Spotfire directly. The requirement for this functionality is that the SAS Providers for OLE DB 9.22 or higher must first be installed on the client machine.

Click here to download SAS Providers for OLE DB (free registration on SAS website required).

SAS Providers for OLE DB are not supported for use in Spotfire Web Player (the SAS driver is not thread-safe, which can cause general platform instabilities)

Citrix (Optional) It is supported to deploy TIBCO Spotfire on:

Server: Citrix XenApp 7, 6.5, 6.0, 5.0
Operating System:
Windows Server 2008 R2, SP1 or higher

NOTE: The 3D Scatter Plot is not supported in a Citrix environment since the plot requires hardware acceleration.

Remote Desktop Services (Optional) It's supported to run TIBCO Spotfire via Windows Server Remote Desktop Services on the following Operating System(s):

Windows Server 2012 R2, 2012, 2008 R2

TIBCO Tibbr (Optional) TIBCO Tibbr 4 or higher