Text Mining Courses

Text mining courses for customer service routing, sentiment analysis, product feedback, warranty analysis etc.

Learn how to process unstructured text, source from documents, emails, social media & websites. Transform text into structured data, analyse keywords & terms, extract sentiment, then apply advanced modelling & machine learning for grouping and classification.

Live, online and instructor led. Dates/times aren’t suitable or for group bookings – please let us know?

Text Mining Professional

A$800 + gst

Course outline:

  • Introduction & Use Cases
  • Loading Text from
    – Flat files
    – Data sets & Databases
    – Email
    – Social Media
  • Text Processing
    – Tokenise
    – Stem
    – Term Frequencies
    – Document Frequencies
    – TF-IDF
  • Text Visualisation

Text Mining Master

A$800 + gst

Course outline:

  • Introduction
  • Sentiment Analysis
  • Unsupervised learning for Grouping and categorisation
    – Clustering
  • Supervised Learning for classification
    – Naive Bayes
    – SVM
  • Web Mining
    – Crawling the web
    – Extracting information from Websites
    – Transforming Websites to documents

Finding Discriminating Terms

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