Turn Predictive Insight into Competitive Advantage
Turn Predictive Insight into Competitive Advantage
Achieving Business Value with AI
Achieving Business Value with AI

We help transform organisations with data science and machine learning

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RapidMiner Studio

In a few clicks, build validated machine learning models, for Customer Churn prediction, Predictive Maintenance, Credit risk Modelling, Sentiment analysis etc. Combine R or Python code seamlessly.


Point/click access to cutting edge statistics and ML, without coding.


Point/click access to advanced graphics and cutting edge statistics, without coding in R.


The only point/click data visualisation & predictive analytics dashboard, that contains an in-built data science engine, and is a recognised data prep leader by Forrester Wave.

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RapidMiner Go

Automated and guided machine learning web interface. Point/click data science for domain experts, business users and analysts.

Included with RapidMiner AI Hub

RapidMiner AI Hub

Automate processes, R and Python code, share and re-use predictive models, then deploy to production.


TIBCO Enterprise R

High-performance, enterprise-quality statistical engine. Brings speed, reliability and support to open-source R code

Spotfire Server/Analyst

Share Spotfire Analyst visualisations and predictive analytics dashboards, throughout the enterprise