Getting Started with S+ Course

$1,500.00 excludes Tax

Learn how to visualise data and build statistical models with a few mouse clicks.

2.5 hours online x 2 days, with a principal data scientist.

Course notes and code, available, on purchase.

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  • Introduction to the S+ point & click Interface
  • Accessing Help
  • Creating Working Directories for different projects.
  • Data Import/Export & Editing
  • Data Manipulation including Stack, Subset & Merge
  • How to Create & Edit Graphics – Histograms, Box Plots, Bar Charts, Scatter Plots & 3D Plots
    – Changing symbols, colours, style of points, axes, range etc
    – Labelling & Identifying Points. Adding Titles etc
    – Multiple Graphs on a single graphsheet.
  • Exporting Graphics
  • Linear and Non-Linear Regression via the drop-down menu