Predicting Customer Churn Course

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Course content, includes my step by step process:

  • Start with a business case 
  • How to build a data table, that supports customer Churn modelling, one column at a time
  • Include the most important metrics that have consistently proven to influence Customer Churn.
  • Understand & apply two models that have consistently performed well in predicting Churn
  • Share the secrets that statisticians use to build good models, with the open-source version of #RapidMiner.
  • Leveraging AutoML, where RapidMiner does the feature selection, engineering and model validation for you, to help you select the best model and save time and effort.
  • Know the common pitfalls, that will invalidate your model
  • How to score your current customers with the best model
  • What to do with the predictions

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17 and 18 May 2021, Request Date