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marketing analytics

Realize a Higher Marketing ROI with Predictive Analytics.

As a marketing professional, you need to cut through the noise with the right offer, to the right person at the right time. By better targeting & segmenting prospects and customers your organization can:

  • Cultivate more sales ready prospects
  • Grow profitable customer relationships
  • Improve customer intelligence and behavioral data
  • Increase customer loyalty
  • Optimize marketing campaign performance
  • Maximize your marketing ROI

Let the power of predictive analytics work for you to create more targeted, effective campaigns. Develop insight into customer lifetime value, customer preferences & affinity towards offers. Our solutions deliver customer behaviour models and marketing optimization models for:

Life Cycle

Whether you are looking to increase your sales pipeline with more qualified leads, grow customer lifetime value or increase the retention rate of high value customers, marketing analytics will deliver the results that you need to ensure your organization's success.

Customer Acquisition

Target and Sell to the Right Prospect, Right Now. Acquiring new customers creates distinct challenges for marketing organizations.  How do you deliver the right message to the right prospect through the right channel at the right time? How do you ensure only sales ready leads are moved into the sales pipeline and the rest are cultivated?

Intense competition for new customers can substantially increase the cost per lead while decreasing potential customer lifetime value. Through the use of predictive analytics, marketing professionals can continually optimize marketing campaigns to ensure profitable results.

  • Create profiles of optimal prospects
  • Target likely prospects to become high value customers
  • Increase offer effectiveness and profitability
  • Deliver more and better qualified leads to sales
  • Assess and analyze results for use in future campaigns
  • Segment prospects to optimize messages, products, and offers
According to Gartner 70% of enquiries generated by marketing are never acted on because they do not reach the right person or organization at the right time. Acquiring new customers is a costly endeavour. Customer Acquisition can minimize your costs; effectively targeting prospects with optimized offers to drive a higher return on your marketing dollar.

Customer Growth

Grow Each of your Customer Relationships to Maximize Lifetime Value (LTV). Acquiring new customers requires the majority of a marketing organization’s budget, time and focus. Yet, acquisition is only the beginning of the relationship.  If you understand the potential Lifetime Value (LTV) of your customers, you can accelerate profitability and maximize the return on the marketing spend.

  • Understand and predict your customers' LTV
  • Grow marketing ROI through campaign optimization
  • Cross-sell the most appropriate products at the right time and through the right channel
  • Increase customer wallet-share
  • Improve the success rate selling new products to current customers

Understanding Customer Lifetime Value ensures your total marketing investment assists in deepening customer relationships and increasing profitability. Through the use of predictive analytics you can create offers and campaigns that appeal directly to your most profitable customers, gaining a greater share of their discretionary spend. You can further analyse campaign results to create new offers and campaigns that keep your company top-of-mind and increase overall customer value.

Customer Retention

Recognize Churn Triggers and Implement Programs to Retain Your Best Customers. You, as a marketing professional, know it costs more to acquire a new customer than to keep one.  You also know that keeping customers happy & profitable can be hard to do. You need to identify & anticipate the triggers that are signalling that a customer is about to leave or become inactive.

  • Predict which customers have the highest propensity to churn
  • Identify and understand behaviors that lead to churn
  • Increase customer loyalty
  • Retain high value customers
Our Customer Retention solution can help you work proactively to keep your most desirable customers & keep them satisfied. Ultimately, you will notice a substantial decrease in customer churn rates, while increasing profitability & loyalty.

Customer Win-Back

Bring Your Best Customers Back. When good customers go away, you work to get them back.  With predictive analytics you can make your marketing dollar work smarter so reactivating customers is a profitable activity, adding to your bottom line with the first new purchase.

  • Calculate new potential Lifetime Value (LTV) of candidates
  • Target high value lost customers
  • Model focused campaigns for the highest return

With your historical data matched to present day conditions our solution will refine your marketing efforts.  Analysis & modelling will help you to target likely candidates for win-back and create compelling offers.

Marketing Optimisation

Determine Optimal Marketing Triggers at the Customer Level. Successful marketing is about increasing efficiency & decreasing time to market.   Incorporate predictive analytics & reporting into your campaign planning process will allow your organisation to realize a substantial return on investment through increases in qualified response rates, offer acceptance, customer retention & campaign profitability.

  • Easily define segments, obtain fast counts, and create a library list using workflow tools
  • Create ‘what-ifs’ scenarios to assist in campaign planning, forecasting results based on variable assumptions and costs
  • Optimize multiple campaigns via multiple users, deployed via multiple channels and with the ability to support multi-step, event driven/trigger based and recurring/automated activity
  • Segment for more targeted higher impact campaigns.
  • Target high value prospects and customers
  • Focus on metrics like profitability instead of just response
  • Analyze promotion history, report and store promotion effectiveness and integrate with multi-dimensional tools

Develop sophisticated & highly effective marketing programs based on predictive modeling techniques without the need to hire statisticians.