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From Internet, telephone & cable services to voice & electronic mail, telecommunications services touch our lives every day. In this fast-growing, competitive, price-sensitive industry, firms such as Verizon must continually evaluate and improve the performance of their programs and services to stay ahead of the competition. S+ and Miner provide the predictive modeling capabilities required to understand customer preferences, predict system performance & report on network operations.

Key Applications:

  • Business Performance Reporting
  • Reduce Customer Churn
  • Fraud Detection
  • Data Quality Management
  • Marketing Campaign Analysis
  • Customer Behavior Modeling

"With Insightful's visualization capabilities, the company [AT&T] has reduced the time required to assess system issues from a day to 30 minutes. Now engineers spend less time trying to uncover what the service issue may be and can spend more time addressing quality of service issues"

Doug Baranek