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rapidMiner radoop

RapidMiner Radoop provides the first graphical environment for big data analytics, simplifying the process of creating, executing and operationalizing predictive analytics workflows on Hadoop clusters. Radoop leverages the processing power of Hadoop, enabling analysis on the full breadth and variety of Big Data.

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Leverage the Value of Hadoop

- Seamlessly combines, transforms and trains models on structured and unstructured data.

 - Easily leverages SparkR, PySpark, Pig and HiveQ scripts

 - Compiles and executes in Hive, Spark MLLib, H2O

 - Complies with Hadoop security standards. Supports Hadoop authentication and data access authorisation. Incorporates encryption for data security

We speak Hadoop so you don’t have to

RapidMiner Radoop translates the predictive analytics workflows you design in RapidMiner Studio into the language of Hadoop. Radoop speaks native Hive, MapReduce, Spark, Pig and Mahout, ensuring that each step in the predictive analytics process is correctly integrated and executed across core Big Data technologies. This lets you focus on developing competitive analytics, rather than on programming Hadoop.

Insights into ALL your data

Automatically create and execute an optimal analytics plan for your Hadoop. Push analytic instructions into Hadoop and Spark where predictive analytics are executed across the entire cluster, taking advantage of the processing power of Hadoop. This allows analysis upon the full breadth and variety your Big Data, as compared to solutions that can only analyze subsets and pieces of extracted Hadoop data.