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One of the major challenges we faced in our work with NASA to support safety, security and reliability for Space Shuttle, Space Station and Space Ship programs was how to find relevant data in massive databases. By deploying Miner along with our in-house text mining applications we were able to dramatically reduce the amount of time it takes to analyze NASA Corrective Action Reports from several weeks of engineer labor to just a few hours of analyst labor.
Dr. Travis Moebes
Senior Scientist and Project Manager
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TIBCO Spotfire Miner is a powerful, scalable, data mining & analysis workbench that enables organisations to deliver customised predictive intelligence where & how needed. Easy-to-use interface is specifically designed for analysts without programming skills. You can quickly find the answers to specific business issues & easily communicate your results to colleagues across the organisation - Feature List

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Easy-to-use interface speeds development of sophisticated analytical applications.

  • Improved productivity
  • Documented analytic processes
  • Accountability and auditability
  • Shared best practices

Screen shot of Insightful Miner data mining software. Click to enlarge image

Flexible and extensible, Miner is designed to rapidly develop and deploy analytical functionality for a competitive advantage.

  • Customize analysis to match your company's needs
  • Incorporate new methods & models with the S language
  • Scale to work with data of any size

Communicate the results of your analyses into easy-to-understand reports that use powerful graphical representations revealing at-a-glance the insight locked inside complex data sets.

  • Deliver extensive charting and graphics capabilities to business analysts
  • Develop custom charts and reporting tools with S+
  • Streamlines deployment of sophisticated analytic applications throughout your organization
  • Visual workflow diagrams simplify maintenance, further reducing the cost of analytics.