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The S-PLUS solution has increased the productivity of our scientists, streamlining a process that used to take several days to minutes. At the same time, the technology provides our users with a standard interface ensuring consistency of analysis, letting users access and work with large data sets.

Keith Joho
Vice President of Informatics & Bioanalytical Operations


S-PLUS is clearly a powerful solution for quickly building models that are used to develop rating criteria. These criteria are the basis of the models we license and distribute to our rating customers. The flexibility of S-PLUS makes it a natural choice for exploring and building new models rapidly—critical in an industry that introduces new mortgage products frequently. S-PLUS provides support for the analysis of large datasets and allows our analysts to quickly visualize key findings critical for understanding the drivers of mortgage loan defaults. As a result, our customers have faster access to information and Standard & Poor's analytics they need to size risk in their mortgage securities.

Francis Parisi
Director, Structured Finance Group
Standard & Poor’s

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***R users concerned about GPL license limitations, please see the new version of S,  TERR, which enables integratation and deployment of advanced analytics written in the R language into custom applications using low level APIs or via batch calls.

The practice of using analytics across all functional areas of business enterprise is recognised as a key competitive advantage by market leaders across all industries.  While any company can look at the simple statistics of its day-to-day operations, industry leaders are utilising predictive analytics to identify or create and exploit their advantages in operations, customer management, production & research.  That's why market leaders around the world use S+. Superior graphic output & the ability to employ cutting edge statistics ensure you are armed with the knowledge to act at every critical decision point & clearly communicate to all audiences regardless of their level of technical expertise.

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Streamlining Development of Statistical Applications: The most comprehensive library of statistical & mathematical algorithms available is combined with an integrated development environment, streamlining source code control & project management, to make S+ your best choice for creation & deployment of predictive analytics and reporting solutions.

Unlimited Scalability: Stream large data sets through available RAM to analyze gigabytes of data on existing hardware without the need for additional RAM or 64-bit operating systems.

Providing Enterprise-wide Access to Analytics: Once created on the desktop, applications can be seamlessly deployed to end users across your enterprise through a web browser.

On The Shoulders of Giants: The ground-breaking S language enables S+8 to continue to expand and improve the most flexible and concise programming platform commercially available.  S+ developers can create new applications up to five times faster than with competing commercial systems.

Enhanced Development Tools: S+Workbench, an integrated development environment designed to enable development teams to create rigorous applications faster than ever before. Based on the industry-standard Eclipse™ framework, the S+ Workbench provides a syntax-aware code editor, tools for project and task management, code validation debugging and profiling.

Managing Larger Projects: Integration with standard source control systems means the S+ Workbench allows development teams to reliably manage large projects when developing applications for integration within business processes.

Interactive Graphics: system with a large & normalized palette for the creation of statistical charts to your exact specifications.

Customized, Automated Reports: An XML reporting library speeds development of customized reports incorporating statistical tables and publication-quality graphics.

Share Information Easily: Integration with popular desktop publishing tools ensures that end users can view and share analytic graphics in the format they use most.

Utilize the Latest in Statistics Research: With the S+ Package System, you can convert R packages for use within S+. Now you can avail yourself of cutting-edge statistics being written in open source within a commercially supported environment.

Create and Share Packages, Reliably and Predictably: With the S+ Package System you can deliver a complete analytic package with instructions, comments and data set definitions to ensure that your colleagues are receiving the right results without any second-guessing or lost time in redundant information exchange.

S+ products have delivered proven analytic solutions to Wall Street for more than 18 years, so we were confident that their software would provide us with the tools we needed to analyze our financial data. In our business, delivering the best information quickly is essential. The programming language of S-PLUS has allowed us to prototype new analytics within minutes and deliver new information to our clients the next day.
Andrew Clark
Senior Research Analyst
Our biggest challenge is delivering an analytic solution that can manage the growing complexity and size of the data we need to analyze, and dynamically create the reports that are essential for the management team to manage our business.
Dilip Patel
Data and Systems Engineer
Time Distribution Services, Inc.