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Statistics services

With TIBCO Spotfire Statistics Services, technical & business professionals have more confidence in their decisions by using the latest predictive analytics available without requiring expertise in statistics software. Statisticans/quants can build their models in S+, R, Matlab or SAS & centrally deploy them on the Spotfire Statistics Services. TIBCO Spotfire users, using Professional or Web Player can then access the library of models residing in Statistics Services & can employ them in their analyses. Computation occurs on the server, allowing for a single, powerful computational engine serving many clients.

Organisations increase efficiency by giving decision makers self-service access to easy-to-interpret analytic results & what-if scenarios, while scarce statistical resources deploy & control access to a centralized repository of R/S+ functions, ensuring only the most statistically valid analytic methods are used.

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Cluster Management: Easily expand your analytic bandwidth by dynamically adding new nodes to your cluster, ensuring the availability, reliability, and scalability of your computational services. Queues and distributes analytics requests across the available servers in the cluster.

Remote Script Execution: Write, test & debug scripts, then remotely execute on Statistics Services using an interface in the S+ Workbench or by using new API functions directly in your code. This enables you to offload computationally intensive scripts to the Server or to analyse data accessible only on the server.

Notification: Through the new Notification API, asynchronously notify clients of job completion, allowing clients to more reliably and efficiently track job status.

API Enhancements: The Java and C# APIs have been unified, making cross-platform application development easier.

C# and Java Application Integration Tutorials: New tutorials published on the Spotfire Technology Network provide a guided, step-by-step approach for creating applications with Statistics Services, making it easier to integrate computational analytics into your applications.

Easier Installation: One-click, zero-configuration install minimizes installation effort and simplifies expansion of your cluster.

System Monitoring: JMX enabled remote server monitoring & configuration

Centralized Job Management: A centralized job queue with administrative views makes it easy to track job status on a single system or across a cluster.

Scheduled Maintenance Services: Configurable services routinely clean the job queue, reducing the effort to maintain your system.

Execution of S+ and R programming language scripts on systems designed for compute-intensive tasks (ideal replacement for home-grown management of R clusters and grids) 

Rich APIs for integration into other business applications through Java, .NET and simple HTTP web services (XML and JSON)

Scales from standalone servers to large clusters for load balancing and failover

Scriptable installation/deployment of new cluster nodes

Centralised S+ and R package repositories for uptime deployment of new analytic methods to all cluster nodes. Schedule R/S+ scripts or Miner workflows to analyse data, create graphics & produce reports at a particular time of the day.

Oracle and MS SQL Server support for enterprise-scale job management