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One of the most exciting developments in applied mathematics is now available for widespread application. With S+Wavelets, you can apply wavelet analysis to an extremely broad range of problems involving signal, time series, or image data. Now there's a comprehensive, modern approach to advanced signal and image analysis, time series analysis, statistical signal estimation, and data compression analysis.

The S+Wavelets toolkit provides a powerful new set of analysis tools, created specifically for scientific and technical data. Working together with the award-winning

S-PLUS data analysis environment, S+Wavelets goes well beyond the capabilities of the Fourier transform for many kinds of signals and images. S+Wavelets can be used for many practical applications, including signal processing, medical imaging, time series analysis, pattern recognition, non-linear signal estimation, and data compression. S+Wavelets helps you develop a complete understanding of data using time-frequency displays, multi-resolution analysis, automatic signal estimation/extraction and denoising, and a comprehensive set of exploratory data analysis plots for wavelet decompositions.

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Figure1: This screen demonstrates the best wavelet packet analysis of a quadratic chrip signal. The quadratic chirp is in the upper left and wavelet packet quadratic chrip signal components are in the upper right. A best basis selection tree is in the lower left window. The time-frequency plot in the lower right clearly indicates that frequency increases quadratically over time.

Click here for more Wavelets examples.

Key Benefits

  • A comprehensive, modern approach to advanced signal and image, time series, statistical signal and data compression analysis.
  • Powerful analytics available in flexible, extensible environment of S-PLUS.
  • Robust wavelet analysis including discrete wavelet transformations, non-decimated wavelet transforms and more.


S+Wavelets Examples


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S+EnvironmentalStats: environmental statistics

S+Wavelets: wavelet and signal series analysis