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Advanced R Course (1 Day)

Date: Check the latest schedule
Time: 9:15AM - 4:15PM
Bookings: Please email enquiries@solutionmetrics.com.au or call +61 2 9233 6888

We also offer the course online or in-house. Convenience of training staff at your office. Pricing/info,  enquiries@solutionmetrics.com.au  or +61 2 9233 6888

Course Description

Attendees will learn how to develop and maintain code, troubleshoot and optimize R code, analyse and visualise large datasets using the latest out-of-memory and big data graphics packages.

Course Outline 

  • Working with Big Data in R
    - Big data graphics, models and manipulation

  • Classification modelling:
    - Logistic regression
    - Discriminant Analysis
    - Trees: Bagging, Random Forest & Boosting
    - SVM
    - Validation & Accuracy measures

  • Debugging and testing functions

  • Efficient Programming

  • Automation in R, including batch processing and deploying to production

  • Reporting: R Shiny and R Markdown

Prerequisites: Intermediate R + we assume that you already know how to write scripts in R  and call functions.

Fees include refreshments and course materials.

About the Presenter: Kris Angelovski holds a Bachelor of Science in Statistics & Master of Statistics from UNSW.

Kris has over twenty years of experience with S+ / R and delivering advanced analytics solutions that provide actionable insights to decision-making, across an organisation.

Specialising in enabling companies with descriptive and predictive analytics, that significantly reduce time to insight, through software, training and consulting.

Kris has developed & facilitated courses for many organisations including CSIRO, ABS, Australia Post, Coca Cola, Aurora Energy and many more.